Acoustic Detection of Retained Perfluoropropane Droplets Within the Developing Myocardial Infarct Zone


      Perfluoropropane droplets (PDs) cross endothelial barriers and can be acoustically activated for selective myocardial extravascular enhancement following intravenous injection (IVI). Our objective was to determine how to optimally activate extravascular PDs for transthoracic ultrasound-enhanced delineation of a developing scar zone (DSZ). Ultrafast-frame-rate microscopy was conducted to determine the effect of pulse sequence on the threshold of bubble formation from PDs. In vitro studies were subsequently performed at different flow rates to determine acoustic activation and inertial cavitation thresholds for a PD infusion using multipulse fundamental non-linear or single-pulse harmonic imaging. IVIs of PDs were given in 9 rats and 10 pigs following prolonged left anterior descending ischemia to detect and quantify PD kinetics within the DSZ. A multipulse sequence had a lower myocardial index threshold for acoustic activation by ultrafast-frame-rate microscopy. Acoustic activation was observed at a myocardial index ≥0.4 below the inertial cavitation threshold for both pulse sequences. In rats, confocal microscopy and serial acoustic activation imaging detected higher droplet presence (relative to remote regions) within the DSZ at 3 min post-IVI. Transthoracic high-mechanical-index impulses with fundamental non-linear imaging in pigs at this time post-IVI resulted in selective contrast enhancement within the DSZ.

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